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Meal Time:  We offer breakfast, lunch and snack.  We are part of the Child Adult Food Program; this helps us to ensure that all children receive nutritious meals. As part of the CACFP we must observe certain meal times, which you will find stated below.   Also please do not allow your child to bring food or drinks from home, we do not allow outside food to be brought in. You will also find our menus posted in each classroom.
Crown Jewels (Infants):
Breakfast 8:15, Lunch 11:15, Snack 2:15 
(Subject to meet the needs of the children)
Unicorns, Lil Jesters, Jesters:  
Breakfast 8:15, Lunch 11:15, Snack 2:15
Lil Wizards, Wizards, Dragons, Knights & Princesses:
Breakfast 8:30, Lunch 11:30, Snack 2:30
After School:
Snack 3:30 (except on school holidays or summer then they will follow the Lil Wizard and up schedule.)



6wks to 1 year Schedule:

Children make own schedule and will be allowed to form own eating and sleeping patterns. Teachers do what is best for children




1 yr to 18 mo. Schedule:

    6:30 – 8:00    Arrive at Castle - Separated Classrooms/Interest Centers        

    8:00-9:00    Wash Up/Breakfast Time (8:15)/Diaper Check and/or change    

    9:00-9:45          Outdoor Time/Coordination Experiences    

9:45 – 11:00    Interest Centers/Curriculum Activities

    9:45-11:00    Diaper Check/Change/Exploration/Interest Centers/Curriculum Activities

    11:00-12:15    Wash Up/Lunch Time (11:15)/Diaper Check and/or change        

12:15-2:15    Quiet Time/Rest Time/Teacher Planning Time

2:15 3:00    Wake Up/Snack Time (2:15)/Diaper Change

3:00 – 3:30    Outdoor Time/Gross Motor Activities

    3:30 – 4:15    Finish Morning Activities/Stories/Finger plays/

    4:15-6:00    Diaper Change/Get Ready for Going Home/Interest Centers

(This schedule may change daily, depending on needs of children)



18 m. thru 2 yrs Schedule:

    6:30 – 8:00    Interest Centers/Children move to own classrooms Stories/Music/Dancing/    

    8:00-9:00     Wash Up/Breakfast Time (8:15)/Diaper Check and/or Change

    9:00-10:30    Circle Time/Interest Centers/Curriculum Activities

    10:30-11:00    Outdoor Time/Diaper Check and/or Change

    11:00- 12:15    Wash Up/Lunch Time (11:15)/Diaper Check

    12:15-2:15    Quiet Time/Rest Time/Teacher Planning Time

    2:15-3:00    Wake up/Snack Time (2:15)/Diaper Change

    3:00-4:30    Outdoor Time    

4:30-5:00    Finish Morning Activities/Interest Centers

5:00-6:00    Quiet Activities/Going Home 



3yrs & Up Schedule:

    6:30 - 8:00    Arrive at Castle/Separate to Classrooms/Interest Centers    

    8:00 – 9:00    Bathroom/Out on playgrounds/Breakfast Time (8:30)

    9:00 – 11:00    Circle Time/Interest Centers/Curriculum Activities

    11:00-12:15    Outdoor Time/Lunch Time (11:30)

    12:15-2:15    Rest Time/Teacher Planning Time

    2:15 – 3:00    Wake Up/Snack time (2:30)

    3:00 – 4:00    Interest Centers/Finish Morning Activities

    4:00 – 4:15    Closing Circle

    4:15 – 6:00    Outdoor Time/Going Home


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