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Preschool Curriculum


Here at Child Care Castle we use the Scholastic Building Language for Literacy, a curriculum that promotes play as the primary mode of learning.  The Scholastic Building Language for Literacy Program helps prepare children today for reading success tomorrow.  This curriculum offers your preschoolers the chance to explore real-world places, read aloud every day, sing songs and encourage independent exploration.  The print rich environment that this curriculum offers will help children incorporate literacy into their play and help increase vocabulary and oral language.  Your child will have the opportunity to be involved in painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, using shaving cream, playing outdoors, sharing with their friends and being involved in a structured classroom setting.  We are not interested in short cuts to creativity; we want your child to explore their full potential.



For those children that come to us for our after school program we offer a variety of different activities.  They have an opportunity to work on their homework, arts and crafts, and different sports and be able to wind down after their busy day.  We want your child to feel a part of our program; we encourage your child to read to our younger classes, keep their class in order, special holiday projects and are a role model for our younger children.


Infant/Toddler Curriculum

 6 wks thru 2yrs

PROGRAMS & Tuition 

Child Care Castle offers part time and full time programs, available for ages 6 weeks - 12 years.


Our center opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. 


6 weeks - 3 Years        $160.00 per week / Daily $35.00


 3 years - 5 years           $141.00 per week / Daily $35.00


School age 6-12                Full time   $141.00 per week

                                            Part time   $100.00 per week 

 (includes bus transport from school to castle)


Payments: All Charges are plus tax.

Registration Fee: $45.00 One Time Fee (Non Refundable)

Supply Fee: $40.00 (Due yearly on the child’s anniversary date)

Here at Child Care Castle we use the Innovations Comprehensive Infant/Toddler Curriculum, a curriculum that promotes play as the primary mode of learning.  The Innovations Curriculum provides our teachers with a thorough understanding of the knowledge base that informs the early childhood practice.  This curriculum gives an in depth guide to all underlying ages, stages and best practices of children birth to 3yrs.  By giving our teachers such a wonderful tool to use, while teaching your infant/toddler, they will be able to help your child learn to make choices, explore the world around them, grow and learn skills needed as they progress thru the early years by actively engaging in a daily routine.  This curriculum helps your child by helping your child’s teacher be supportive and plan age appropriate activities, so that while your child is increasing language skills, relating to others, learning to move, expressing feelings and much more, their teacher can help develop and encourage all of those things along the way.


FOCUS Program


Child Care Castle works with a program called FOCUS. This program helps the quality of the center. These quality improvements focus on the children’s growth, development and their learning. This program offers criteria, tools, and resources to help the children with their development and learning.  Through the FOCUS program we use The Early Learning Guidelines, which is implemented in the curriculum. The Early Learning Guidelines describe what young children know and can do at different ages – from birth to the end of the kindergarten year. They show how children develop in all areas including, their ability to communicate with others in their home language, their ability to move around and also to use the small muscles of the hands, how they get along with other people (both adults and children) , and their growing understanding of the world around them. 

The New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines were developed to help childhood educators communicate better with you, as parents and family members, about how your child is growing and learning. Your child’s teachers will use The Early Learning Guidelines to work together with you to ensure that your child has opportunities to grow and develop, becoming a successful student and contributing citizen of our great state.

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